Semester Examination

Pedagogic students are allowed to take Semester Examination only if:

- Those pedagogic students have enough requirements and have completed all the tasks assigned by the institute and their lecturers, such as
researching, preparing document programs, producing teaching aids, etc.
-  Absence without permission less than one-fifth of the total learning time of the semester.
- Absence with permission less than one-third of the total learning time of the semester.
- Absence with and without permission less than one-fourth of the total learning time of the semester.
- Exam result that is less than 50% of each subject is considered to fail.
- All observations and semesters examination will rank the score from 0 to 100.
- During the examination, if any pedagogic students attempt to cheat in any means, he or she will be stopped from doing exam and will get zero mark.
- Every pedagogic student who quits the examination of any subjects without permission, they will get zero mark of that subject and they will not be
allowed to continuing their study.

Pedagogic students are allowed to take Semester Examination only if: (Con’t)
-  Any pedagogic student who is absent with proper permission and misses doing any subjects in the exam will be allowed to retake it which is prepared by
the institute.

Pedagogic Practicum

All pedagogic students must do their practicum at any institutes assigned by the institute. Any pedagogic student who has no practicum score will not be allowed to continuing their study and do the state exam.

Final Examinaiton

Final examination will be prepared at the end of the course, and all pedagogic students have to apply the admission form which is identified by the

Pedagogic studentswho are allowed to sit for the final exam only if they have completed all the institute’s requirements as the following:

♦  Fulfilled all the application form requirements.
♦  Succeed in doing all the subject exams.
♦  Completed pedagogic practicum.
♦  Exams consist of written or oral examination.
♦  Successful pedagogic students have to gain at least 50% score of the examination.
♦  Any pedagogic student who misses doing the state exam on any subjects without permission will get zero mark and is considered to fail, but if he
     or she is absent with permission and acceptable reasons, their state exam result will be judged by the institute committee.

Director of NTTI
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Deputy Director of Admin and Finance
Name: Mr.Mom Somach
Mobile: 012 772 828

Deputy Director of Education
Name: Mr. Meas Sarith
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Deputy Director of Academic Affair
Name: Mrs. Hem Sokchan
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Deputy Director of Planning Research and Innovation
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